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School Calendar 2022-2023

Friday, Aug 26 2022    Institute Day


Monday, Sept 5 2022    Labor Day


Thu/Fri, Nov 24-25 2022    Thanksgiving


Mon-Fri, Dec 26-30 2022   Christmas Break


Mon, Jan 16 2023    Martin Luther King Jr Day


Monday, Feb 20 2023    Institute Day


Mon-Fri, March 27 – 31 2023   Spring Break


Monday, May 29 2023    Memorial Day


Mon-Tues, July 3-4th  2023    Independence Day


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Parent Handbook

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 6:30am-6:30pm


Owner: Kelly Prasil

630-369-9180 (school)

630-878-0145 (cell)


Dear Family,


Welcome! We are honored that you have chosen Jubilee Kids Preschool and Childcare for your sweet child. Our staff is dedicated to creating a “home away from home” for both you and your child.


Our vision at Jubilee Kids is to offer a high quality educational program where children have the opportunity to play, grow, develop and learn in a safe, innovative environment. We want parents to leave their children trusting that they are in a safe place with the most nurturing educators. Most importantly, we strive to retain educators that are deeply passionate about the family’s they serve.


Communication is vital for a successful community. Please know that my door is always open and if it happens to be closed or you are too busy to stop in, I’m always just an email or phone call away.


Thank you for choosing Jubilee Kids! I look forward to our journey together.



Kelly Prasil, Owner


  • Philosophy

    At Jubilee Kids, we believe that each child is a unique individual and that all children are extremely eager to learn. The first 5 years are the most important for growth and development. Our programs are designed to maximize your child’s learning potential while fostering social-emotional skills and behaviors. Our qualified teaching staff provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum that stimulates growth in the areas of physical, social, emotional, and language development.


  • What makes Jubilee Kids a high quality early childhood program?

    • Frequent and positive interactions with teachers and children

    • Planned learning activities appropriate to your child’s age and development

    • Specially trained and educated teachers and assistants

    • Respect for cultural diversity

    • Healthy, safe environment with plenty of space to learn and grow

    • All natural, nutritious meals from Quality Catering for Kids

    • Regular, 2-way communication with our families

    • Effective administration

  • What makes Jubilee Kids a great place to grow and learn?

    • Cameras in every classroom for transparency to parents

    • Strict safety Policy

    • Close-knit family environment

    • Qualified and experienced teachers

    • Fun, interactive, engaging curriculum

    • Great place to make friends

    • Healthy meals and snacks

  • About Us

    Hours of Operation

    Monday through Friday 6:30am – 6:30pm* (Infants have a 10 hour limit)


    Inclusion Policy

    Jubilee Kids believes that children of all ability levels are entitled to the same opportunities for participation, acceptance, and belonging in childcare. We will make every reasonable accommodation to encourage full and active participation of all children in our program based on his/her capability and needs.



    At Jubilee Kids, equal education opportunities are available for all children, without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, disability, special needs, or any other consideration made unlawful by federal state or local laws. Educational programs are designed to meet the varying needs of all students.



    Unless we receive your written consent, information regarding your child will not be released with the exception of that required by our regulatory and partnering agencies. All records concerning children at our program are confidential.


    Communication & Family Partnership

    Daily Connect: We use this App to communicate with you. Our teachers upload activities and pictures of your child’s progress throughout the day.


    Camera Access: You will have access to our classroom cameras so that you can view your child throughout the day. We are a team and would like for you to have the opportunity to be a part of our day.


    Facebook: We have 2 facebook pages. One is a public page Jubilee Kids Preschool and Childcare and the other is a private page that is only accessible to our current families. This group is called Jubilee Kids Family Page.


    Email: We encourage you to provide an email address that you use regularly so that we may send you announcements, event invitations, and general updates. We never send spam.


    Family Visits: Family participation is encouraged. Visit our classrooms, volunteer, come along on a field trip, or eat a meal with your child. Signing in is required for the security of our children.


    Open Door Policy

    We are thrilled to have family members participate in our program. Parents are welcome to visit the program any time during our regular hours. The infant room welcomes parents to nurse or feed their infants.


    Open door policy does not mean the doors will be unlocked. For the safety of the children, external doors will always remain locked.


    Our team will always do their best to speak with parents/guardians. Since staff days are devoted to caring for children, it is usually not feasible to have a long discussion during our regular program hours. If a situation requires a longer discussion, kindly arrange for an appointment or email the director.



  • Tuition, Fees & Enrollment

    Enrollment Requirement

    • Tour of the school

    • Complete enrollment paperwork

    • Security deposit equal to one week tuition

    • Copy of birth certificate and physical (on IL state form)



    Registration Fee

    All families are required to pay a one-time registration fee of $100. This fee covers the

    enrollment process, camera usage, curriculum, and other administrative costs.


    Weekly Tuition

    Jubilee Kids charges tuition weekly every Monday. All tuition is automatically deducted

    from Tuition Express. There are no exceptions to this rule. A two week notice is

    required for any billing adjustments or withdrawal from the school.


    Late Pick-Up Fees

    Late pick-up is not a normal program option and will only be considered an exceptional occurrence. Late fees of $5 for the first minute and $1 per minute after the first minute will be assessed beginning at 6:30pm and will be due upon arrival. If you are going to be pickup up past your typical time, we ask that you call so that we can let our teachers know. This is important for the routine of your child as well as the schedule of our day.


    Special Activity Fees

    From time-to-time, there will be additional fees associated with special activities or field trips. These fees are due prior to the event; activity or trip and Jubilee will give plenty of notice.


    Late Payment Charges

    Late payments can pose serious problems for our programs. If your payment gets returned due to insufficient funds, $10 will be added to the next charge.


    Deposit and Refund Process

    The deposit that you pay at the time of enrollment will be applied ONLY to your last week of enrollment ONLY if a two week notice is given for withdrawing your child from our program.


    If you do not give a 2 week notice of withdrawal, your deposit will not be returned. There are no exceptions to this rule. We do not return deposits in any cash or check form. It may only be directly applied to the last week of tuition (if a full 2 week notice is given)


    Credit & No Credit

    • Credit will not be given for Sick Days – There are not credits for sick days. Sick days are considered in determining tuition and are not refundable.

    • Credit will not be given for inclement weather – If we do not open due to inclement weather on a day your child is scheduled, you will not be credited for that day.

    • Credit will not be given for days when Jubilee Kids is closed for Holidays.

    • Credit will not be given when a family takes a vacation that is beyond the “free” week.



  • Attendance & Withdrawl


    If your child is going to be absent, please email us or call as right away. We will be concerned about you and your child if we do not hear from you. If your child is sick or not feeling well, please let us know this information as well. It helps us know what illnesses might be going around the school.


    Vacation Policy

    Each Full-time family will be given one week per enrollment year to use “tuition free”. This free week becomes valid 6 months after the start of enrollment. This free week does not roll over from year to year if it goes unused. This free week has no cash value should it go unused. It is a gift from us. Families that take “extended time off” will not be eligible for “tuition free” weeks.


    Withdrawal Policy

    A written/emailed notice, 2 weeks in advance is required by the center when a child is being withdrawn. Failure to notify will result in a forfeit of deposit.


    Holidays/Special Closures

    We are closed for certain holidays: Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and day after, Christmas Day/Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Spring Break Week. We are also closed for 2 institute days. Jubilee Kids has the right to add to or change the dates at any time with at least a 30 day notice. Tuition is due for ALL days that Jubilee Is closed for Holidays and special closures.


    Extreme Weather and other Closures

    Should severe weather or other condition (snow, storms, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, blizzards, loss of power, loss of water, sewer backup) prevent us from opening on time or at all, notification to families will be announced on our Facebook page, through an email notification, on Daily connect, and left on our outgoing voicemail greeting. We DO NOT follow Naperville School District for severe weather. We often stay open on days where they close for snow conditions. ☺


  • Drop Off & Pick Up

    We open at 6:30 AM. Please do not drop off your child prior to opening. Parents are expected to accompany their children and sign them in.


    We close at 6:30 PM. Please allow enough time to arrive, sign your child out, and leave by closing time.


    Authorized & Unauthorized Pick-up

    Your child will only be released to you or those persons you have listed as Emergency and Release contacts. If you want a person who is not identified as an emergency and release contact to pick up your child, you must notify us in advance, in writing or via email. Your child will not be released without prior authorization. The person picking your child will be required to show a picture ID as verification. Please notify your pick up person of our policy.


    If a child has not been picked up after closing and we have not heard from you, attempts will be made to contact you, and the contacts listed as emergency and release list. Provisions will be made for someone to stay with your child as long as possible. After 1 hour, if we have not been able to reach anyone on your list, we will call the local nonemergency

    police department.


  • Personal Belongings

    What should I bring?

    • Infants – enough PRE-made bottles for a day’s use, diaper cream if needed, 2 changes of clothes to keep at school, baby food if needed, pacifier, sleep sack, diapers and wipes. (We provide bibs)

    • Toddlers – pacifier and/or lovey if needed (we only use at naptime), 2 changes of clothes to keep in cubby, diapers and wipes.

    • Twos – 2 changes of clothes to keep in cubby, diapers and wipes, socks and indoor shoes

    • Preschool/Prek – change of clothes, pair of socks and indoor shoes

    *Please label all items from home with your child’s name. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.



    Upon enrollment, each child will be assigned a “cubby”. Cubbies are labeled with your child’s name. Please check their cubby regularly for take home items.


    Lost and Found

    You can look for lost items and bring lost items to the lost and found box in the foyers. Please note that we are not responsible for lost personal property.


    Toys from home

    We ask that you do not allow your child to bring items/toys from home into the center unless they are for show-n-tell Fridays (which are for Preschool and Prek only)


  • Staffing

    Our teachers participate in an orientation and a minimum of 15 continuing education hours in child growth and development.


    Jubilee Kids requires all teachers have a degree in Early Childhood Education or equivalent. Some of our co-teachers may be working towards their degree.


    We conduct criminal background checks on all of our staff as required by DCFS.


    All teachers are trained in First aid and CPR.


    Child to staff ratios

    AGE Child to Staff

    0-14                    months 4 to 1

    15-24                  months 5 to 1

    2 years old       8 to 1

    3-5 year olds   10 to 1


  • Nutrition

    Foods are not permitted to be brought from home unless approved by a director with a doctor’s note.


    • NO NUTS or NUT products are allowed at any time.

    • If your child has a special dietary need that restricts him/her from eating an element our menu, we will first try to accommodate that need. If we are unable to accommodate this need, we will work with your nutritionist to allow you to

    bring an appropriate substitution.



    Our lunches are prepared by Quality Catering Company and delivered hot to us daily. All meals are included in the cost of tuition. We strictly follow licensing standards for day care centers in IL, section 407.330.


    Our children are offered a meal or snack approximately every 3 hours. Morning snack is typically around 9am, lunch is between 11-12pm, and afternoon snack is given after rest time. Lunch menus are available in each classroom as well as on our website. Water is always available to our children. Milk is served with lunch.


    Food Allergies

    If your child requires an EPI PEN for a food allergy, we require an action plan completed by your family physician.


    Infant Feedings

    Infant feedings follow these procedures:

    • Bottle fed infants are fed while being held.

    • Infants are fed “on demand” to the extent possible or at the preference of parents.

    • Glass bottles are NOT permitted.

    • Breastfeeding is supported by providing a place for nursing mothers to feed their babies. Expressed milk may be brought from home if frozen or kept cold during transit. Fresh breast milk must be used within 24 hours. Bottles must be clearly

    labeled with the child’s name and the date the milk was expressed. Frozen breast milk must be dated and may be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months.

    • Formula must be brought already prepared in bottles and ready to eat

    • Solid foods will only be introduced after a consultation with the child’s family.


    Toddler Feedings

    • Children are encouraged to self-feed to the extent that they have the skills. Children are encouraged, but not forced to eat a variety of foods.

    • Round, firm foods that pose a choking hazard for children less than 3 years of age are not permitted.

    • We do not allow bottles in the toddler room unless medically necessary.


    2’s, Preschool and Prek

    • 2’s and older are beginning to learn how to serve themselves as well as serve their peers (setting the table)


  • Curriculum and Learning

    Learning Environment

    We provide a rich environment with curriculum that is developmentally appropriate to the specific ages in each classroom. We have a structured routine that we believe children thrive in. We strongly believe that learning happens through play. Learning and exploring are hands-on and are facilitated through interest areas. Our program is

    designed to focus on building social emotional skills, language and literacy, physical development, creativity, science, math and reasoning, and more! We encourage openness to that which is different from us, and the ability to work and play with others.


    **Please remember that children at Jubilee like to get creative and might get a bit messy at times. We use washable glue, paints and markers!


    Outdoor Play and Walks

    We go outside to the playground every day unless the weather does not cooperate. Please make sure that your child has appropriate footwear and outerwear for the weather. Sometimes, the classes will go on nature walks. Infants and toddlers will go for walks in the stroller when the weather permits. We will not go outside if the temperature is above 90 degrees or below 32 degrees. Staff members will actively supervise children while outside to prevent injury. During summer months, please provide sunscreen for your child that is labeled. All children must go outside with their class. If they are too sick to participate in outdoor activities, they will need to stay home from school for the day.



    Your child’s transition in childcare should be a positive and exciting learning adventure. We will work with you and your child to ensure that the smoothest possible transition occurs as new routines are introduced.


    Transition from home to center

    Prior to your child’s first day, you will have an opportunity to tour the center, meet with your child’s peers and teachers, and communicate any anticipated concerns. At this times, please share the best communication methods that the teacher may use to reach you. Please know that most children will likely need an adjustment period. It is very appropriate for your child to need time to feel secure. We will do all that we can to earn his or her trust and assure your child that they are going to be ok. Communication is vital during this crucial time.


    Transition between classrooms

    Children are transitioned to the next classroom based on age, developmental readiness, state licensing requirements, and space availability. We generally move children up twice a year (August and January)


    Screen Time

    Our normal daily routine does not include screen time. Our older children may use occasional video clips to support their curriculum. Fridays are always “special video day” at Jubilee. Our 2’s get a learning video and our preschool/prek gets an age appropriate movie in the evening before pickup.



    Celebration and awareness of all cultures is vital at a young age because it sets goals and promotes respect for all people and the environment we live. We utilize a wide range of activities and materials to teach our children respect for our world and the diversity of life upon it.



    Families are encouraged to share their cultural holidays with their child’s class and staff. We believe that by doing so, our children experience and enhanced understanding of and respect for different cultures.


    Rest time/naps

    Infants sleep according to their own schedule and are put to sleep on their backs. Blankets and toys are not allowed in cribs. Pacifiers are allowed in cribs; however, they may not be attached to anything.


    After lunch, all children participate in a quiet rest time. Children are not required to sleep, however, they must remain on their cots and sleep is encouraged. After 30 minutes, if your child is not sleep and is restless, a quiet activity will be provided on his/her cot.


    Potty Training

    The most important thing in making potty training successful and as low stress as possible is a family/teacher partnership that supports the child. The child needs to be read physically, psychologically, and emotionally before success can take place. We are committed to working with you to make sure that this process is carried out in a way that makes your child successful!

    **Children are required to be potty trained before graduating to the preschool classroom.

  • Behavior and Discipline

    Safety is our first priority at Jubilee Kids. Thoughtful direction and planning ahead are used to prevent problems and encourage appropriate behavior. Communicating consistent, clear rules and involving children in problem solving help children develop their ability to become self-disciplined. We encourage children to be fair, to be respectful of other people, of property, and to learn to understand the natural results of their actions.


    Challenging Behavior

    Children are guided to treat each other and adults with self-control and kindness. If a child becomes physically aggressive, we intervene immediately to protect all of the children.


    We use the redirecting approach with our younger children and with our older children; we show them how to solve the problems using role-play, stories, and other helpful tools. When discipline is necessary, it is clear, consistent and understandable.


    Physical Restraint

    We do NOT use physical restraint in our facility. There may be rare instances where we need to ensure a child’s safety or that of others and we may need to gently hold a child in order to temporarily control the situation.


    Notification of Behavior Issues to Families

    If a child’s behavior is of concern, communication will begin with the parents as the first step to understanding the child’s needs and challenge’s. We will work together to evaluate these needs in the context of our program. On rare occasions, a child’s behavior may warrant the need to find a more suitable setting for care. Examples of such instances include:

    • A child appears to be a danger to others

    • Continued care could be harmful to or is not in the best interest of the child as

    determined by a medical, psychological, or social service personnel.

    • Undue burden on our resources and finances for the child’s accommodations for

    success and participation


    Abuse and Neglect Reporting

    Jubilee Kids is in full compliance with state and federal laws, which mandate the reporting of all suspected cases of neglect, sexual, and physical abuse to the proper authorities.

  • Health and Sick Policy


    Immunizations are required to the current schedule according to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Illinois Department of Public Health. Jubilee Kids requires that ALL children be immunized.



    We understand that it is difficult for a family member to leave or miss work, however, to protect other children as well as staff, you may not bring a sick child to school. We have the right to refuse a child who appears to be ill.


    You will be called and asked to pick up your child if he/she exhibits any of the following symptoms:

    • Feeling unwell and unable to participate in activities

    • Fever about 100.4

    • Diarrhea (more than 2 watery stools in one hour)

    • Vomiting

    • Mouth Sores

    • Rash of unknown cause

    • Redness of the eye, obvious discharge, matted eyelashes (24hr antibiotics)

    • Impetigo (until 24hrs after treatment)

    • Strep throat (24 hrs antibiotic and feeling well)

    • Head Lice – must be nit free

    • Scabies – (24 hrs after treatment)

    • Hand, foot, mouth – all sores must be completely crusted over + 48hrs fever free


    Children who have been sick may return when:

    • They are fever free, vomiting and diarrhea free for 24 hours

    • They have been treated with antibiotic for 24 hours

    • They are able to participate comfortably in all usual activities

    • HFM – must have skin lesions completely dried


    Medication Policy

    If a child needs to be administered a prescription medication during the day, a parent will need to complete a medication form in the office where the medication will be stored in a locked cabinet.


    All medication must come in the original container and must include your child’s name, current date, frequency, and the name and phone number of your physician. The dosage listed on the container is the only amount that will be allowed to be dispensed to your child.


    All dosages will be carefully logged.


  • Safety


    Safety is a major concern in childcare and so daily safety inspections are completed to help prevent injuries. With that being said, children are still a bit clumsy and may have an occasional bump or bruise. We take all injuries very seriously and document everything we see. First aid will be administered by on of our teachers in the event that your child sustains a minor injury such as a scraped knee, paper cut, bloody nose, etc.


    You will receive an accident report describing the incident and how we took care of it. If the injury produces any type of swelling or needs medical attention, we will contact you immediately.


    In the event of a serious medical emergency, we will call 9-1-1 first, and then contact you while waiting for help to arrive.



    Biting is a normal stage of development that is most common among infants, toddlers, and even 2’s. It is something that most young children will try at least once. When biting happens, our response will be to care for the child that has been bitten. We will then move our focus to the biter and help them learn a more appropriate behavior. We will not punish for biting, but focus on the reason for biting and develop strategies to prevent it from happening again.


    Both families will be contacted if an incident occurs and we will work together to keep each family informed as to how we are handling the situation.


    Smoking and Prohibited Substances

    The poisons in secondhand and third hand (transferred from clothing) smoke are especially harmful to infants and young children’s developing bodies, therefore the indoor and outdoor center environment and vehicles used by the center are nonsmoking areas at all times. The use of tobacco in any form is prohibited on the center premises.


    The use of alcohol or marijuana is prohibited on the center’s premises. Possession of illegal substances or unauthorized potentially toxic substances is prohibited.


    Any adult (parent or teacher) who appears to be inebriated, intoxicated, or otherwise under the influence of mind-altering or polluting substances will be required to leave the school immediately.


    Child Custody

    Without court documentation, both parents/guardians have equal rights to custody. We are legally bound to respect wishes of the parent with legal custody based on a certified copy of the most recent court order, active restraining order, or court ordered visitation schedule. We will not accept the responsibility of deciding which parent has legal custody where there is no documentation.


    Lost or missing child

    In the unlikely event that a child becomes lost or separated from a group, all available staff will search for the child. If the child is not located within 5 minutes, the family and the police will be notified.


    Fire Safety

    Our center is fully equipped with monitored smoke alarms, pull stations, and rolling cribs. Our fire evacuation plan is reviewed monthly with children and staff.



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Jubilee Kids Preschool and Childcare
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